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Gauge: N
Alpine Continental Layout
Period: Various
Constructed by: Fergal Purcell, Martin Bergin, Steven Burrows, Sean Lyons.
Layour Manager: John Murphy
The Layout: Tirolia was started many years ago by Declan Bracken and Garrath Woods under a different name it was left in storage as the original team had to leave it to persue carreers outside the club leaving the layout in limbo.

Fergal joined the club and he and John requested the commette to take layout out of storage and continue with building it. The commette agreed. So with some amount of work cheaking the wireing and removeing some mold that attached its self to the baseboards and trackwork. We cleaned up the Layout,Track and wireing.

The layout is constructed of 8MM Birch ply with 2MM cork underlay for Tracks. The layout is fitted with Tillig Point Motors through out the last of these has just been installed April 2014 with many thanks to Martin who joined the club in 2013.He continues to be of great help and a valued member of the team.The formwork of the base boards is covered with chicken wire good quality kitchen roll soaked in watered down pva glue. This sandwich of chicken wiire and kitchen roll gave us large sheets of flexable yet tough material to cover the layout with.

The seanic areas of the layout were covered with standard grass matting. A lot of N Gauge pine trees. The Buildings are mainly Faller And Kibri kits.

The layout is a work in progress with two raised high speed lines and lower lines with station for local trains and slower international services.

In the future we hope to add overhead electrics non opperational and a Gondila set opperational cabel car. We would like to light a lot of our buildings.

Anybody interested persons in joining the club with an intrest in N gauge will be most welcome on the N gauge team. All modelers welcome.